Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Memories of Old

I know spring is near, for the lovely Pink Dogwood is in bloom here. Every time I see a Dogwood, I smile. Memories of my childhood flood my mind.

 When I was a child, my family lived in a tiny town called New Augusta Mississippi. We were poor southern folk, like much of the community. My dad and his brothers built our small home on a piece of land directly behind his parents (they gave him this when his time with the Army was up and we moved back to the States from Europe). I was 5yrs old and my lil brother was 3. I think I remember this so well because it was when I was the happiest. Odd, isn't it, that the happiest I have ever truly been is when I was the poorest in financial terms?

Right, back to the Dogwood memory! We had a small scraggly little dogwood tree. It never bloomed, I think it was because it was so young. This is the tree that my little brother and I  learned to climb. Every day. Both of us would climb this tree. At the same time. I think back and wonder how in the world this little tree could hold both of us. Sure, we were small..but so was the tree! You know what I think? I think this tree loved us as much as we loved it! In it's branches, we were always safe. Never once did either of us fall from it. Never once did we brake a branch. 

Eventually, my parents had to sell the house and piece of land. I often wonder if my Dogwood still stands. I like to think it does. I image it is quite large and full of Pink flowers now. And possibly waiting for the next set of children to climb it.

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